Pastor Harold Johnson

pastorcircle4Agape Temple is a unique community of believers located in the city of Pickering. God’s hands of blessings have certainly prospered Agape Temple in its 23-year history in bringing people of every walk of life into fellowship. The church was born of the community, and is dedicated to continued service of this particular area of Pickering.

Pastor Harold Johnson

Our Pastor came to know Jesus intimately at the age of fifteen and he describes the experience as the greatest rescue operation ever. It was at this time Pastor Johnson says; he received the call to ministry. He graduated from the West Indies College Academy (High School) in Mandeville, Jamaica. He earned a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Additionally, he holds a Masters of Divinity from Andrews University Theological Seminary.

In Berrien Springs, Michigan he interned at the All Nations Church under Dr. Walter Douglas, his mentor. Since then he has pastored at the Toronto West and Ottawa East Seventh-day Adventist churches. Presently, he serves as Pastor of the Agape Temple in Pickering, Ontario.


Pastor Johnson’s aspiration is to lead, guide, push, or pull ‘by any means necessary’ as many people as possible, to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Agape Welcome

Come experience our passion for God and a compassion for people.

The Agape Seventh-day Adventist Church family has maintained a visible and effective presence in Pickering, Ontario combining the proclamation of the full gospel of Jesus Christ with the ministry of education. We believe disciples of Jesus Christ humbly seek to model their lives after Christ as revealed in the Bible. We also affirm our faith in Jesus’ promise to literally return to earth and gather God’s people. God’s grace extends to all people and we warmly welcome all earnest seekers of God into our fellowship. Come experience the warmth of Agape Temple, where we have…