Aug 11 th

Here are the announcements for this Sabbath


  • Church Theme: Enter The Sanctuary
  • Prayer Meeting: -Elder Frank Campbell
  • Sabbath school: Jeanette Mounsey
  • Sermon : Martha Huchinson
  • Elder in Charge: Charles Thomas
  • Bible Class: Martha Huchinson
  • AY: Martha Huchinson
  • Communications:  Cynthia Smith/ Gabriel Isaacs


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Weekly Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Starting at 7:15 pm Followed by Basketball

Health Ministries Department:

If your deciding to take the 21-day challenge. 
Here is a run down of ideas to support you on your journey.
The 21-day challenge is moving on, and to all procrastinators, begin today, put it on the challenge list. Start July 10th, and you’ll have 21 days to end your challenge on July 31st. It gets easier daily. If you miss the date keep on trying.
Here are some tips to help you along: 
•Partner up with a friend for support.
•Choose the ideal life you desire. e.g, for food, keep healthy snacks and nourishing meals on hand. Drink nature’s liquid -H2O when hungry.
• Just do It- for Procrastinators and You.
In support of your well-being

• The Mind can be rewired  at any age. Quote from Barbara O’Neil’s lecture “rewiring the Brain.”
• Follow the law of Diversion e.g. when the habit you formed is asserting itself keep diverting your mind toward another behaviour that’s wholesome and not destructive.
•In the case of Jealousy, resentment, unforgiven, anger, etc., seek God’s help to forgive. Use the words of The “Our Father” prayer and do all you can to restore relationships.(Pray for, as well as do something nice for that person)

•Rehearse the Scripture (daily) that says:
 “I can do all things through Christ which Strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.

Enjoy the New You and Prepare to strengthen others with your Testimony in 21 days.

Personal Ministries Department:

Memorization  Texts:
Galations 3: 26-27  -August Text 


Single’s Ministry Department:

“Our situation may look very different from God’s point of view”.


Singles’ Stroll in the park will take place on  August 25th at the Rouge Park and Marsh Trail  located at 195 Rouge Hills Dr, Scarborough ( Lawrence/Port Union). Time to TBA.   For more information contact Andria Douglas 

Adventist Young People (AY):

August 11: Program at 7:00PM led by Sis. Hutchinson
August 18: Pastor’s Program at 7PM
August 25: No AY
September 8: The Great Debate at 6PM. Be It Resolved: “The King James Version of the canon is the only useful translation for the edification of SDA youth.” If you are interested in signing up to debate this topic, please text (437) 350-0154 with your name and position of “Affirmative” or “Opposition”
General Youth Conference (GYC) is August 16-19 in Montreal. Please check out http://gyceasterncanada. org for registration or speak to Sis. Roberts for more information.
Every Friday at 7:00PM is Youth Bible Study in the church basement. Please invite your friends and come out to discuss God’s word in a detailed way. 

Women’s Ministry


Social Ministry:

Education Department Ministry

Adventurer Club

Community Services:

The community services department 
 would like to meet with the following department leaders.
Immediately after divine today briefly.
Women’s, Family Life,Singles, Adventurers, Pathfinders & Men’s Ministries.

Flee Market

Feel free to drop by the Pickering Flea Markets from 9:30 a.m-4.30pm on Sabbaths and Sunday Our booth is in Aisle E, Booth #1004