June 9th Announcements

Here are the announcements for this Sabbath


AT A GLANCE – Reminders
  • Church Theme: Enter The Sanctuary 
  • Prayer Meeting-  Pastor Jayson Levy
  • Sabbath School-  Elder in Charge-   Allison Waithe
  • Bible Class: Elder  Melvin Gray begins at 5pm. Bro Gray will be hosting Health Ministry at 5pm also.
  • Communications:- Nia Corbier / Aundrea Belnavis
  • Agape Temple Church Business Meeting-June 9th @Sunset

  • Church Board Meeting -June 10th@ 10:00am 
  • Talent Show-June 10th @ 4pm CAA East Campus
  • Praising Hands Fundraising Concert Tickets Contact C.Smith @  (905) 837-1892





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Weekly Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Starting at 7:15 pm Followed by Basketball

Health Ministries Department:


Health Session will be joined with Bible Class at  June 9th at 5pm and Hosted by Bro Gray.

Personal Ministries Department:

June Memorization Text is Revelation 14:6-8 KJV

A gift will be given to individuals who can recite January through July Memorization texts on July 28, 2018


Single’s Ministry:


Singles’ Ministry Quote of The Day!

Only God can turn a Mess into a message, a Test into a testimony, a Trial into a triumph, a Victim into a victory.


Adventist Young People (AY):

June 9: Etiquette  101 @ 7pm

June 16: No AY due to camp meeting

June 23: Graduation at 7:00PM

June 30AY at 7:00PM


Women’s Ministry

Women’s Bible Class June 15th ,2018

Genesis Ch. 1 , John Ch 1, Rev 19:13


Social Ministry:

Agape Children’s Ministry:

Education Department Ministry

Adventurer Club

  1. June 9th: Etiquette 101 @ 6pm

Community Services:

The community services department 
 would like to meet with the following department leaders.
Immediately after divine today briefly.
Women’s, Family Life,Singles, Adventurers, Pathfinders & Men’s Ministries.

Flee Market

Feel free to drop by the Pickering Flea Markets from 9:30 a.m-4.30pm on Sabbaths and Sunday Our booth is in Aisle E, Booth #1004