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Our Mission & Vision

To be transformed by the love of God, so that we can love others as God loves us!

To reach out to the un-churched. To intentionally love everyone who comes through our doors to worship and to encourage each other as we grow in Christ and prepare for His second coming.

We base our faith in God on the revelation of His character by His Son, Jesus, as shown in the Bible, the inspired Word of God.

Faith is placing complete trust in God and accepting His offer of salvation.

The Gospel
The heart of our message is God’s good news of salvation. Jesus’ death on the cross provides God’s free gift of eternal life to all those who accept and follow Him.

The Sabbath
On the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday) we are invited to come together to worship God, our Creator and Saviour.


Community AID?

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) provides practical assistance to the disadvantaged in many countries of the world, without regard for race, religion or nationality. ADRA Canada also responds with needed assistance in times of national disasters as in the 1998 ice-storm that devastated Eastern Ontario and Quebec.
Many local churches operate Community Centers that provide food and clothing to those in need. Family life counselling and other programs are also offered to assist those wishing to overcome drug addiction and alcohol or tobacco dependence.