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 Dec 15th

Here are the announcements for this Sabbath


  • Church Theme: Enter The Sanctuary

  • Prayer Meeting: Alison Waithe

  • Sabbath School: Malcom Burke

  • Children’s Corner: Tresa Jules

  • Sermon: Pastor: Jayson Levy

  • Elder in Charge: Richard Jules

  • Bible Class: Elder Leacroft Robinson

  • AY : Christms Program:”What’s in a Name”

  • Communications: Kevon Jules/ Sam Mcpherson

  • Joint Elder’s Meeting 2018/2019 @ 4pm Multipurpose Rm)

  • Joint Board Meeting 2018 /2019 @ 6pm (Multipurpose Rm)

  • New Officers Dedication Service: January 5th, 2019 

    All members and friends are invited to an inspirational and blessed Communion Service on Sabbath December 29th featuring a dramatic presentation called “Is it I?” with a cast of disciples. The service starts with foot washing ceremony at 10:30am. Members and friends are invited to this blessed communion experience.


Events Overview

  • Friday night Youth Bible study 7:30 PM
  • Women’s ministry Bible class every third Sabbath 7:30 PM
  • Weekly Sabbath School 9:15 AM 
  • Divine service 11 AM

Join Singing Group anyone 18+

Are you a soprano, alto, tenor or bass interested in singing four part traditional choral music? Then join the Senior Choir. Choral experience and ability to read music are not necessary. Anyone 18+ is welcome to join. Contact Sis-Ianjai.

Weekly Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Starting at 7:15 pm Followed by Basketball

Adventurer Club

Parent PLEASE remember to submit up your Chocolates money .

Volunteers for Crafts and Instructors Needed! Contact Christopher Bassaragh 647 464 2223 or any of the Adventurer Staff Team. 

Adventurer Coco Fiesta Year End Celebration, December 15 @ 7. pm  


Health Ministries Department:

Personal Ministries Department:

Let’s put our memories to the test!
Now that we have tried to memorize nine texts for the year – let’s see how well we’ve done. On Dec 22nd at AY we will give God the glory for being able to recite these passages.


January      Heb. 12: 1 & 2                 June              Rev. 14: 6-8
February    Ps. 126: 1-6                      July              
March        1 Jn. 4: 1-6                        August          Ps. 86:5
April           Dan.12: 1-3                      September  Gal. 3: 26 & 2
May            Joel. 2: 28 & 29               October        Rev. 14: 9 – 10

Single’s Ministry Department:

Singles’ Ministry Quote of The Day!
The light of salvation shines clearly even in the darkest night.

Come  join us for one last shindig.  Tonight, Nov 3rd @ 7:00 pm is Singles’ Games night. For more information contact Andria Douglas.

Adventist Young People (AY):

December 15-Christmas Program entitled What’s In a Name @ 5:00 pm

AY Ministry
Youth Bible study @ 7:30 every Friday in the basement. Please bring your Bible and be prepared for a stimulating study. 

Please bring your youth day to support the AY department.

Pathfinders Club


Fundraising for Camporee 2019
The Pathfinders are collecting Canadian Tire Money and all of your Pennies.
Please contact Director Shevon for more information


Flea Market

Feel free to drop by the Pickering Flea Markets from 9:30 a.m-4.30pm on Sabbaths and Sunday Our booth is in Aisle E, Booth #1004 

Women’s Ministry

Women’s Bible Class
December 14th 2018@ 7:30pm
Our Fall Series Title:
Shedding, Healing, Restoration
Women’s Ministry Department: All are welcome to attend a joint Bible Class with the women’s ministry Department on Sabbath December 15th at 3.30pm.

Please come out and support one another in sisterly love.

Please text your email address to Abigail Kodua for updates.


Seniors Ministry:

Agape Children’s Ministry:

Ontario Conference & Others



Kingsway College invites you to attend their annual Fund Dinner to raise money for the Worthy Student Fund, a scholarship which support students who would otherwise be unable to attend Christian education. The event will be held Sunday, November 18, 2018 at 5pm at the Kingsway College Old Gymnasium (1200 Leland Rd. Oshawa, ON) Please RSVP online at dinner


Other External events: